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About Atif Badawi

Atif Badawi was a veterinary doctor who graduated from the University of Khartoum, Sudan over seventeen years ago. For many years Atif was an employee of the Sudanese Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources. He then became an employee for the Arab Poultry Production Company in Sudan for six years until he emigrated to the United States. 

Atif then went on to work as a Veterinary Technician at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital in Fairfax, Virginia. After this, Atif decided to further his education and went on to study a Masters in Biology at Virginia State University where he graduated in 2009. 

Atif built up his professional experience by working for the National Institutes Of Health (NIH). In 2012 Atif was offered the opportunity to do a Ph.D. in Virology at Virginia Tech, within the department of Biochemistry. Shortly after starting his Ph.D, Atif was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. Despite his ongoing battle with the disease, he lost his fight for life and sadly passed away in August 2015 in Blacksburg VA where he now rests. 

Atif was a much loved and a highly regarded member of the local community. He was an intelligent, sophisticated, motivated and inspirational individual known to many. He had a real zest for life, a positive outlook and loved to help others.

After Atif passed away, my family and I agreed that some of Atif’s deeds should be donated to help others, thus creating the Atif Badawi Fund. The Atif Badawi fund is a charity offering financial support, and online learning resources for students, both in Virginia and Internationally.